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Turkey is located at the cross-roads between Europe, Middle East and Caucasians and in the last decades it has eventually become an attraction point and the finance capital of the region.

In particular, Turkey hosts over 30 million tourists each year and ranked the 5th biggest tourist attracting country in the World.

Istanbul, turning into a finance center, offers many attracting real estate projects, as well as Izmir and Antalya, as tourism capitals of Turkey where more than 20 million tourists are hosted each year.

The amendment in Article 35 of the Land Registry Code numbered 6302 which has recently entered into force in late 2012, enables foreigners to buy real estate without any limitations. This amendment has also triggered this new boom in the real estate market. The major targets, for Turkish and international real estate investors, are mostly these 3 cities; Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir.

We provide comprehensive legal assistance to funds and investors, property management companies, contractors, hotels in all aspects of real estate projects and individual investors wishing to acquire properties in Turkey.

Our practice includes planning, acquisition, development, construction, management and sales of the real estate projects. Obtaining required permissions from the authorized governmental agencies is part of our practice.

Litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution is an important part of our real estate practice.