About Deha Çaman

Deha Caman graduated from Çankaya University Computer Engineering Department in 2003. Deha Caman, who worked part-time at the university during his student years, made his first promotional CD and printed product designs. After his graduation, he started working full time as a Specialist in the Public Relations Office at Çankaya University. He worked in public relations for works such as university web page design, production of promotional materials, event organizations, fair participation, and student community management. He worked for project planning of the university's promotional materials and marketing affairs. After completing his Master's in Business Administration in 2007, Çaman start to work in the IT Department of Cankaya University in 2008. While working in the IT Department, he gave an Introduction to Computer course for a while. He worked and managed creative works such as university web pages management, printed product design and video editing within the IT Department. He worked on the project of moving the entire university over CMS and managing it with multiple sites. Thanks to the system, all university departments and departments were placed in a position to manage their own web page contents and he gave training on the users. He took part in the project of establishing a distance education system within the university. He designed and set up a video shooting studio to prepare content for the distance education system. Also, he set up and create videos for a distance learning system about dementia which was founded by the government. He designed functions and UI of the university mobile application. During all these full-time studies, he took courses from Hacettepe University Computer Graphics and Game Design Graduate Department. He worked as a creative consultant to some companies for 10 years. Some concepts of these Projects were educational technologies modernization, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, industrial products with 3D depth camera, web site marketing strategies e-commerce platform. He took part in national state-supported projects. Çaman, who still works for a graphic agency's freelance web page designer, creative consultant and a private school's modernization for educational Technologies as a consultant. He likes shooting photos and editing videos. He also flies a drone whenever possible.

Bulletin No: 2017/1 dated 10 December 2017

THE NEW LABOR COURTS LAW IS PUBLISHED The new Labor Courts Law Nr. 7036 (“Law”), published in the Official Gazette dated 25 October 2017, brought important amendments that have been on the agenda for a long time. The recent amendments are as follows; Mandatory Mediation Adopted as Cause of Action As of 1st January 2018, the [...]

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Aydas Liman Kurman sponsors IBA Annual Conference Tokyo 2014

Aydas Liman Kurman sponsors the opening ceremony of IBA Annual Conference which will be held in Tokyo, Japan between 19-24 October 2014. Opening speech of the Annual Confernece will be made by his excellency Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan. World’s largest legal organization IBA (International Bar Association) holds its Annual Conference this year [...]

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Aydas Liman Kurman continues its support to ELSA Turkey

Aydas Liman Kurman partner Mr. Altan Liman has acted as a referee in the Ord. Prof. Dr. Hifzi Veldet Velidedeoglu 13th Moot Court Competition organized by ELSA Turkey held in the Union of Turkish Bar Associations on 19-20 April 2014. Eight law schools were represented at the Moot Court finals. After a long weekend and a [...]

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Aydas Liman Kurman in IBA Annual Conference

Aydas Liman Kurman partner Mr. Altan Liman has attended the Annual Conference of International Bar Association held in Boston, USA in October 2013. The event gathered more than 6.000 lawyers from different jurisdictions.

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